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Phone/ +81-967-44-0322
FAX/ +81-967-44-0323

Comfortable and Convenient Rooms with Semi-Roten buro(open-air Baths) and Small Built-in Kitchens

The guests in Hanadomari can also use the main building,(Yomerindo) for dining and hotsprings in big tub.

Check-In 15:00~ Check-Out ~11:00
These times may very according to your accomodation plan.
  • Barrier free
  • Detached room also available
  • Single accommodation available
  • Group accommodation available
  • Private bathing areas for rent
  • Meals in the room
  • Rooms with attached bath available
  • Open-air baths available
  • Private open-air baths available for rent
  • Payment with card available
  • Wifi
  • A little English spoken


A Main Concept of Hanadomari is to ”make yourself at hoom”.
You can enjoy private hotspring bath in your room and cook a meal in the mini-kichen if you like.

Also, Hanadomari has a lot of options.

You can select half board plan, no meal plan, and only breakfast plan.
Furthermore, we can offer ”Anniversary plan” which can be used when you have a special occation, such as Birthday, Wedding anniversary, etc.

Also, we are welcome the geasts who want only short stay to take a lest.(Up to 9 hours)

Number of guest rooms 5 rooms
Standard room facilities Internet connection(WiFi)/Tea dispensers/Tea set/Refrigerator/Minibar/Hairdryer/Desk lamp/Body soap/Two-in-one shampoo/Shampoo/Hair rinse/Hair conditioner/Soap for washing the face/Tooth brushing set/Razors/Comb/Yukata/Tabi(Socks)/Safe


As an altenative option,

It’s also possible to have a meal in main building,(Yumerindo).
It takes only 5minites walk from Hanadomari to Yumerindo.
We can also offer you transportation from your room to Yumerindo.

You can enjoy delicious tea ceremony dishes(Kaiseki)which the master chef who learned at Kyoto makes.


There is a bath in each room.
You can spend your time and relax with your family and your sweetheart.

Hotsprings in a main building,(Yumerindo)can be enjoyed freely.
We can offer large indoor and outdoor hotsprings and steam bathes as well.

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