Located on Shimokawabata Street in KurokawaOnsen. A millwheel welcomes guests at the entrance. Besides regular Roten buro(open-air bath), we have three baths available for exclusive use to our guests without reservation and charge. Also we have indoor baths separately for men and women. There are three other specially recommended Roten buro(open-air bath) - Kajikanoyu with a beautiful river view, Okeburo with traditional Japanese bathtubs and Ajisainoyu surrounded by a bamboo grove. Our spa water comes directly from the spring. All twelve guest rooms and spa baths are facing the river. Just relax in silence and enjoy the sounds of the river. Creative Japanese dinners are prepared with seasonal delicacies including famous Higo beef, black pork, fresh yamame fish and various locally grown organic vegetables.

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<Guest Rooms>12 Japanese rooms


Enjoy Our Roten buro(Open-air Spa Baths) - Kajikanoyu with a Beautiful River View and “Ajisainoyu” with Mountain Village Like Ambience.
Have a unique spa experience with Okeburo, traditional Japanese tubs. The river sounds create extra relaxing atmosphere.