Shops and Restaurants Discover the restaurants, souvenir shops, and other types of shops you can find in Kurokawa Onsen.

List of restaurants

  • Ajidokoro Naka

    You can find our restaurant on Kawabata Street in Kurokawa Onsen. 50 years old, and currently run by an owner that has been in charge for the last 30 years, this restaurant has been a part of Kurokawa Onsen’s history throughout the high and the low seasons.

    Phone +81-967-44-0706


  • Iroriya

    This is a new addition to Kurokawa Onsen. It is located in the center of "Igosaka". Here you can fine fresh izakaya-style dishes. This is one of the few restaurants that is open until late at night, so please drop by.

    Phone +81-967-44-0890


  • Kurokawa Onsen’s Dora Dora Japanese-style Cake Shop

    Dorayaki specialty store along Igozaka. Doradora burger sandwiched with bean paste and cream Daifuku on hand-baked is popular. There are 5 flavors. It is recommended as a souvenir that you can take home with you.

    Phone +81-967-44-1055


  • Shiratamakko

    A sweet shop found on Kawabata Dori. Enjoy authentic soft rice balls while listening to the babbling of the river. Made with 100% Aso-produced glutinous rice flour After you bite through the slippery outer layer, the sweet, runny filling slowly fills your mouth. The seasonal menu available for a limited period is very filling, and the traditional mochi rice cakes are also popular.

    Phone +81-967-48-8228


  • Sumiyoshi Restaurant

    Its red lantern on Kawabata Street is a landmark. It is a small restaurant with a counter and a table where you can easily drop in. Safe and secure is the motto for our rural cuisine using local rice and vegetables. Feel free to browse the range of souvenirs.

    Phone +81-967-44-0657


  • Tofu Kisho

    Enjoy a warm welcome at our tofu restaurant where you can try a variety of simple but nourishing tofu dishes using slightly hardened tofu and konjac made from the source water of the Chikugo River and large grain soybeans from Kumamoto prefecture. Try our dumplings and Kisho original soy milk ice-cream while onsen-hopping.

    Phone +81-967-44-0659


  • Terakoya Japanese Rice Cracker Shop

    Phone +81-967-44-0412


  • Roku Patisserie

    Built like an old private house facing Kawabata Dori in Kurokawa Onsen, our shop uses only the seasonal ingredients of Kumamoto and Aso to make sweets unique to us.

    Phone +81-967-48-8101


  • Yamatake Restaurant

    Phone +81-967-44-0930


  • Yunon

    Reopened in August 2015 as a store specializing in jersey milk and local products. The inside of the store has a uniform Japanese design. Products are placed at an easily selectable height, and a photograph of the producer's face is also pasted on the upper wall. The couch at the front of the store invites customers to take a rest. You can find our "24 Happy Tea" on this website. [24 happy tea sales page]

    Phone +81-967-44-0777


  • Warokuya

    This is a sister store to Kanaguya Inn in Kurokawa Onsen. Restaurant & Cafe in a refurbished private house from the Meiji period. The menu includes curry of stewed horse meat until it melts, as well as dishes using local ingredients. Besides, fried chicken of Higo and takeout menus such as croquettes using Higo pork, we also have sweets popular with our female customers, such as homemade grilled pudding and homemade yogurt.

    Phone +81-967-44-0283


List of souvenir shops

  • Igozakatouan Pottery

    Our shop carefully selects pieces directly from around 70 pottery studios from all over Kyushu. We source pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.

    Phone +81-967-44-0089


  • Rilakkumanoyu shop

    Phone +81-967-44-0545


  • Goto Sake-ten

    Our shop, which has been in business for over 90 years, is located in the middle of Kurokawa Onsen, at the corner of "Igozaka" where customers in yukata come and go, and is one of the shops that has been here since the beginning. It has a convenience store section as well as local sake, local beer and original souvenirs made from pure spring water, so a great shop for both tourists and local residents alike. Please drop in while you onsen hop.

    Phone +81-967-44-0027


  • Sake no Yado

    Under the low eaves, you will find a traditional, nostalgic store. We have a large selection of original and limited-distribution products. Why not enjoy a local sake after the hot springs.

    Phone +81-967-44-0488


  • Zakka Raifu

    Our forest fairy sign will welcome you to browse through a wide selection of handmade goods using natural materials. Kurokawa Onsen general store coming soon

    Phone +81-967-44-0309


  • Sugiyohoen Honey Shop

    70 years of beekeeping in Kumamoto. One of the largest beekeeping companies in Japan. We have a wide range of beekeeping-related products, including royal jelly and propolis, as well as honey. You can also sample honey and honey drinks, so please feel free to drop in.

    Phone +81-967-23-8538


  • Hirano Shoten

    One minute walk from the square on Sakura Dori. A small pickle specialty shop. We have a wide selection of flavored pickles, from mild pickles like crunchy and salad, to old pickles that have been thoroughly pickled, and to the popular Tsukudani. [Genki radish] Our leading spicy radish. You will not be able to stop eating it. [Slightly pickled yam] A gem that goes well with the flavor of bonito. Please put it in a small bowl. [Pickled carrot] A lightly pickled carrot. Please enjoy its slightly sweet flavor. For customers who feel like "I don't know how to eat pickles". We have prepared tastings so please feel free to drop by. All shopkeepers and staff look forward to welcoming you.

    Phone +81-967-44-0214


  • Fukuroku

    Phone +81-967-44-0296


  • Machiya Gift Shop

    A souvenir shop on Kawabatadori. Along with souvenir confectionery, we have Kumamon and various Japanese patterned goods.

    Phone +81-967-44-0676


  • Marusho Gift Shop

    A souvenir shop located in the center of Kurokawa Onsen. A giant Kumamon welcomes you as soon as you enter the shop!! Along with souvenir confectionery, we have a wide selection of gifts and folk crafts that are popular not only with Japanese but also with foreigners. Please visit us when you come to Kurokawa Onsen whether you are here just to bathe or staying overnight.

    Phone +81-967-44-0683


  • Yamanaka

    Our talking Kumamon at the counter will welcome you to the store. Why not take a break at one of or table benches and grab a Ramune soda? Kurokawa's souvenirs include sweets, toys, Japanese towels, and pickles. Please drop by

    Phone +81-967-44-0154


List of other shops

  • Salon de Earth color

    A small hairdressing salon in Kurokawa run by a couple. A salon that values time and space with customers. Style consultations to find the perfect hairstyle for each individual. Our experienced stylists will put your mind at ease with politeness and skill. The interior is based on earth colors, and a wide variety of customers of all ages come to enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

    Phone +81-967-44-0282


  • Acrylic studio now

    Phone +81-967-44-0252


  • Oguni Dengyo

    Phone +81-967-44-0613


  • Kurogen Kurokawa Yusho

    Phone +81-967-44-0444


  • Traditional soba noodles

    Traditional shop

    Phone +81-967-44-0650


  • Hogucchan

    Experienced therapists! All customers receive a personalized all-hand treatment! Visit us after bathing and before you enter the hot springs!! Bookings can be made either over the counter or by phone.

  • Maruho Taxi

    Phone +81-967-44-0453


  • Lamore (provisional)

    Previously trading as a snack bar, it will soon open as a ladies' clothing store

    Phone +81-967-44-0558