A pride in this palace is the large open ”the immortal bath”! It becomes daily, so where can a customer of a stay also have try the large and small 2 outdoor hotspring baths during a stay?
And may ”peach” of a sign dog be mistaken for the ^^ into which I receive a customer ”Bear!?” around the main entrance? It’s a big dog, but they’re very quiet. ”It’s stroked and stroked.” please do, ^^

  • Check In/Out※

    In:15:00~ / Out:~10:00

    ※Check-in/out times may vary depending on the inn's plan.


A guest room is separated big, and there are 4 types. The ”Kawasoba Japanese-style room” where a river is seen from your room. Opposite to it The ”mountainside Japanese-style room” where a Japanese inn quarter and a private house are seen. The ”Japanese and Western room” where a bed will be a Japanese-style room from two spaces in 2 Western-style rooms. And two ”spaces of Japanese-style room” in the wide room where even many people can stay together. The ^^ good of each each room is


I’ll serve formal Japanese dinner using the material of the local season. A cook is including and is making a heart.^


The indoor bathrooms of customer exclusive use where you’re staying and the family reserved bathrooms aren’t a reservation system and time system. You can use it anytime for 24 hours. It’s free of course! Please enter the condition-and the* favorite time for which you’re in the mood.