Take a short stroll along the hills to find this Ryokan standing quietly among the rice fields and nature. Known for the 100 percent natural sulphur water that is soft and gentle on the skin, guests will instantly recognize the rich aroma of sulphur surrounding the Ryokan is an outdoor bath carved out of rocks from Kuju mountain and is available for guests to stop by and bathe in. The baths are separated for men and women. Before enjoying your bath in the simple and rustic atmosphere, don’t forget to take off your jewelry and other accessories, as hydrogen sulfide oxidizes iron, copper, and steel and may turn your jewelry black.

  • Check In/Out※

    In:15:00~ / Out:~10:00

    ※Check-in/out times may vary depending on the inn's plan.


Enjoy Your Stay at a Wide and Comfortable Tatami Room
All our guest rooms have ten Tatami mat floors, traditional Japanese flooring. Relax and enjoy the seasonal beauty of KurokawaOnsen.

  • Number of guest rooms

    <Guest Rooms>
    Japanese Style 10 tatami-mat Room
    With toilet and sink

    Japanese Western-Style Twin BedRoom
    With toilet and sink (futon in case of 3 or more people)

    (14 rooms in total)


Soothe Yourself in Kodachinoyu, Our Natural Stone-Made Roten buro(Open-air Bath).
Our spa is high quality sulfur spa that is gentle to your skin. Enjoy the beautiful nature of KurokawaOnsen while you bathe.

Men Women Mixed
Open-air bath 1 1 0
Indoor bath 1 1 0
Private baths 0 0 4