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Statement Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transaction

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Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Association
Sales Manager
Tataki I
Kurokawa Sakura-dori, Minami-oguni-machi,Aso-gun, Kumamoto Pref. 869-2402 Japan
Telephone number
FAX number
Sales price
The hotel charges list it in the plan page(The price does not include tax)
Required fees other than product charges
At the location there will be an addition 150 yen bath tax for each person.
Application Expiration Date
Check the details of your reservation plan.
Sales Volume
One room unit
Payment Method
Payment can be made either in cash at the front desk, or online via credit card.

When paying by credit card, card payments cannot be made for reservations placed 50 days in advance or earlier. We will contact you via email when payment by credit card is available, and ask that you please register your credit card information via the email or your My Page. If you do not register your credit card information within 10 days after receiving the email, your reservation will be automatically canceled.
Your credit card information will be confirmed with your credit card company. If your card is expired, the payment exceeds your charge limit, or there is some other issue with payment via credit card, your reservation will be changed to payment in cash. Please confirm the status of your reservation on My Page as your reservation date nears.
Payment due date
Prior to check-out.
Delivery time
When checking in. (Please confirm the date of your reservation from My Page or your reservation confirmation email.)
If you have an issue with your reservation after it has been confirmed, we accept date changes and cancellations. Please cancel your reservation either via telephone or email, or via My Page. Cancellation fees are charged as follows:
Please check the cancellation policy for where your reservation was made.

[Cancel charge]
Charged according to the accommodating facility’s cancellation policy.
We do not accept, for any reason, cancellations made the day of the reservation or after visiting the accommodating facility without prior notice.
For transfers of accommodation fees made via bank transfer pre-payment, etc.
We will transfer the pre-paid accommodation fee into a bank account specified by the customer, minus the transfer fee and cancellation fee. If, due to a change in schedule, you have paid too much in accommodation fees, the difference will be refunded to you; if payment is inadequate, we will ask you to pay the remainder. In such cases, payments/refunds will be made via bank transfer, and payment of bank transfer fees will be borne by the customer.

For online payments
Payments will be made via the registered credit card according to the cancellation policy of the accommodating facility.

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