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Phone/ +81-967-48-8700
FAX/ +81-967-48-8701

Each Guest Room Has a Different Taste of Roten buro(Open-air Spa Bath)

Have a pleasant stay in a quiet atmosphere surrounded by nature.

Check-In 15:00~ Check-Out ~10:00
These times may very according to your accomodation plan.
  • Detached room also available
  • Rooms with attached bath available
  • Open-air baths available
  • Private open-air baths available for rent
  • Payment with card available


<Guest Rooms>5 Deluxe type rooms with Roten buro(open-air bath) and indoor bath, 1 separate guest house (2 stories) with Roten buro(open-air bath) and indoor bath, 3 separate guest house (flat) with Roten buro(open-air bath) bath and shower


Two Kinds of Roten buro(Open-air Spa Baths) - The Water Color Changes Everyday.
High quality spa water comes directly from the spring. Gentle even for elderly and children.

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