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  •  May I bring soap in? 
  • Kurokawa Onsen uses soap with ingredients that will not pollute the river. You may use the soap provided at each location. As such, please do not bring your own soap. 
    Please be aware that when touring open-air baths that some locations may not have bathing areas and as such no soap will be available. 
    For more details, please refer to the pamphlet issued by the Ryokan Association. 
  • Is towel rental available? 
  • Bring your own towel or purchase one from the place of accommodation or the Ryokan Association. Guests staying at the locations will have towels prepared for them.
  •  Can the bath entry cards be used for the family baths as well?
  • They cannot be used for the family baths. Please pay directly with cash. In general, family baths are for the exclusive use of guests and as such the time and locations where they can be used is limited. Please use them only after confirming this. 
  •  Is there a bath entry card for children? 
  • We have begun selling bath entry cards for children. You can visit three open-air baths for 700 yen each. Cards that have been used to visit three locations can be taken to the Ryokan Association to receive a non-empty lottery ticket (to win candy or a toy). 
  • Can multiple people use one bath entry card? 
  • One bath entry card is required for each person, so multiple people should buy more or pay cash for each entry. 

Transport Access

  • I would like to visit by car in the winter. Can I travel using normal tires? 
  • If there is no snow, you may visit with normal tires even in winter. 
    When it is snowing, it is common to use snow chains. 
    The weather conditions can be variable, so please contact us via phone or e-mail a number of days before your planned arrival (around one week). 


  •  Is there a bank ATM? 
  • We are very sorry, but there are no bank or post office ATMs at Kurokawa Onsen.
     (Even the closest ATM is about 10 minutes by car.)
    We recommend that you prepare for this in advance before visiting us.

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