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Terms of Service

Please make the reservation only after agreeing to the below Terms of Service.
If you agree with this contract, please click the checkbox that shows that you agree to the Terms of Service.
【User Policy】
If you do not agree to the User Policy, you will be unable to make reservations via the Kurokawa Onsen Association website (hereafter, the Website).

1.Tentative ryokan reservations
Please do not make an excessive number of tentative reservations via this Website. Please check/delete tentative reservations via My Page. You will be charged a cancellation fee for tentative reservations that have not been cancelled. Please be careful as you will be obligated to pay a cancellation fee to the ryokan for which you made the tentative reservation if you fail to cancel it.

2.Changing your reservation
To change the details of your reservation, please go to Confirm/Change/Cancel Reservation via My Page.

3.Contacting the ryokan after payment/reservation
Your reservation has been accepted once it has been registered on the Website and you have been given your reservation number. You can contact the ryokan for which you made your reservation by using the contact information displayed on the Confirmation Screen. You can also check the details of your reservation from My Page.

4.Use by travel agents
To avoid problems with reservations, etc., we do not permit use of this Website by travel agents.

5.Payment for accommodations
Payment can be made either at the front desk of the ryokan or online. To prevent payment issues, please print out a copy of your Reservation Confirmation Email or your Reservation Status Screen and bring it with you to the ryokan.
*If there is an issue with your card payment and your card is unable to be charged, we may ask you to pay at the ryokan, invoice you at a later date by mail, etc.

6.Contact the ryokan after reservation
If you wish to add to your reservation or contact the ryokan directly after making your reservation, please call the ryokan at the telephone number listed in your reservation confirmation email. If you have questions about reservation payments or cancellation fees, please contact the ryokan directly by telephone after making your reservation.
Adding more guests when paying by credit card
You may cancel your reservation and make a new reservation if cancellation is not yet subject to cancellation fees. Under other circumstances, leave your reservation as-is, contact the ryokan directly via email or telephone to increase the number of guests, then pay the difference when you arrive. In such case, you will receive a reservation reminder before your stay with the unchanged information of your initial reservation.

7.Cancellation without warning
If fail to make your stay without providing prior notice via the Website or to the ryokan where you had your reservation, you will lose your membership to the Website. Members who have lost their membership status are not allowed to become members again.

8.Cancelling a reservation
If for some reason you need to cancel your reservation, please follow the cancellation procedures. Please abide by the cancellation policy for your ryokan and follow the cancellation procedures listed on My Page of the Website.

If you cancel during the period when a cancellation fee is incurred:
Payment by credit card: The fee will be charged to your credit card.
Payment at ryokan: You will be contacted directly by the ryokan regarding payment of the cancellation fee.
If you cancel your reservation and wish to make the same reservation again, you must make a new reservation.

9.Online credit card payment
If you make your reservation 50 days in advance of your stay or more, payment cannot yet be made by credit card and your reservation will be a tentative reservation.
In such situations, you will receive an email when it becomes possible to pay by credit card. Follow the link in the email or visit the Reservation Change screen of My Page to register your credit card information and remove the tentative status from your reservation.
You will be able to register your credit card during the period 40 to 50 days prior to your check-in date. If you do not register your credit card information during this period, your reservation may be cancelled.


Please read the “Privacy Policy” concerning how the personal information sent by customers is handled.
The information entered by customers on this page is protected through the use of encryption using SSL technology.

Unauthorized use of articles or images from this site is strictly prohibited.
All copyrights are held by the Kurokawaonsen Ryokan-kumiai.