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Asa Picnic

Asa Picnic

First, Please watch this promotion movie !!!! 

There are many delicious vegetables in Minamioguni. The sweet aunties who have grown these vegetables are also exceptional cooks. Through their refined knowledge of vegetables an incredibly tasty breakfast has been born and it is our pleasure to share it with the guests at Kurokawa Onsen. And while at it, we want to do it with style… I know! How about the wide-open grasslands of Hiranodai Observatory that offers both clean air and stunning scenery? Voilà! This is how the Kurokawa Onsen morning picnic came to be!

- Date
29th June, 27th July, 31st August, 28th September, 19th October (5 times)
*Reception until 17:00 by the day before

- Time
9:20 Gathering at Kurokawa Onsen information center, Departure
11:30 Depart from Hiranodai, Ends at Kurokawa Onsen information center

- Place
Kurokawa Onsen, Hiranodai SHINSUI park
*If it rains, it will be held at GONBEI MURA

- Price
【staying guest】accommodation fee+extra charge
【one day visitor】¥3000 for one person

- Additional info
Children (0-6-year-old) who doesn’t need a meal will be free of charge. If a meal is required, it will be the same price as an adult.

- How to apply
【staying guest】Please apply directly through your accommodations.
【one day visitor】Please apply with the reservation form.

・Herbal tea
・Salad of fresh vegetables
・Minestrone of 10 kinds of vegetables
・Natural yeast baguette and SHIITAKE mushroom grilled sandwich
・Oguni jersey yogurt with handmade jam
・Kurokawa Onsen egg
・Drink bar (coffee, Oguni jersey milk, Plum enzyme juice , etc. )

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